​​Bass Harbor Boat House
Yard Rates

Storage Rates:

       Outside:                          $35.00 per foot

       Shrink-wrap:                  $13.50 per foot


       Outside:                         $90.00 per season

       Inside:                            $180.00 per season


       Inside:        Up to 20hp $60.00 per season

      20hp and up $120.00 per season


Inside:  $2.50 per foot (booms      no additional charge)


General Labor:            $60.00 per hour

​Engine Labor:                      $66.00 per hour
Cleaning Labor:                   $58.00 per hour
Bottom Wash:                       $3.25 per foot

Use of our boat for water rescue etc.:  $110.00 per hour

 Launch w/ Your Trailer:  $70.00 per hour

 Launch w/ Our Trailer:  $80.00 per hour

Handling Fee:                             $50.00


Prices are subject to change
Inactive boats for the summer will be charged 25% of winter storage fees.
A finance charge of 1.5% may be added to invoices over 30 days past due.